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You have entered the mind of the author of no particular genre(though she seems to have a penchant for the supernatural) On the back wall you’ll find a menu listing the things you’ll find inside Tina Traverse’s mind. Feel free to click on what tickles your fancy and learn more about the exciting adventures inside!

Of course, this site is not just all about Tina and her wild written imagination. Over at the end there’s a link to her blog where she adores promoting her fellow authors and other creative types. So, if you are someone who enjoys expressing yourself artistically, Tina will love to interview and/or splash your work all over her blog!  You may contact her via email at

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The Keeper of Tina’s Dreams. 

Front row seats are available to Tina’s work and ramblings in a variety of ways.

Where the birds chirp:

On the book of faces:

Deep in the jungle:




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