Scarlet Desire: Impulse

Book 2 of the Scarlet Desire trilogy


Personal drama, secret organizations, and betrayal–the thrilling sequel to Covet!

Scarlett and Sebastian are enchanted with each other both in and out of the sheets, and even Sebastian’s thorny twin sister Declynn has found love. When a lost autistic teen vampire stumbles into their lives, they take the girl in. But the family still recovering from the loss of their mother isn’t expecting the complications that come with Petra’s arrival. When Mummer season comes around, it brings a stalker and murders in its wake. Tangled in the web of their own secret assassin organization and a mysterious, sinister investor’s game, can the trio survive? And even if they do–will their love lives emerge intact? The seas of Newfoundland and Labrador conceal many secrets…and could claim even more lives.
Thank you to my talented editor Michelle Patricia Browne of Magpie Editing!


Forbidden Waters

An anthology of six stories centered around the theme of forbidden love. Forbidden Waters










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