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Welcome to the secret room behind the beer bottle book shelf! Inside this VIP only section you will find exclusive excerpts of my upcoming novels. Thank you for being here and without further ado, grab a beverage, flashlight and a warm coat, because it gets chilly in this room and follow your guide.

The first excerpt I like to treat you to is from Book 2 of my latest supernatural trilogy, Scarlet Desire: Impulse. As of this posting on January 18, 2016, Impulse is in the process of editing with a tentative release date for late spring or early summer. Stay tuned for updates for when the final release date is known. still-life-1037378_1920

To the goodies:

Scarlet Desire: Impulse. 

Unedited excerpt:

Scarlett Desire Trilogy
Book Two

Chapter One

August 30
Stoker’s Cove, Newfoundland

Crumpling the note into a ball, I stuff it into my pocket before the town gossip and flirt sashays over. Flicking her bottle-blond hair over her shoulders, Trish Murray bats her fake eyelashes while putting a manicured hand on my bicep.
“Oh Sebastian, words can’t express the sorrow I feel over the tragic loss of your mother.”
“Thank you, Trish, your kind words mean a lot,” I lie. Trish loathed my mom.
Her hand squeezes my arm, caressing the muscle. “You’re welcome, Sex, er, Sebastian.”
I shiver with disgust as the widow and mother of four teenage sons, eyes me with a deep, hungry gaze that scans me slowly from the top of my head to my toes. Before Scarlett can incinerate the harlot with her mind, I pull my girlfriend closer and take a step back from the lustful cougar.
“It was nice seeing you again, Trish, but if you excuse me, I haven’t yet absorbed my mother’s death, and I still have arrangements to make.”
“Of course. I let you be. You know where I’m to if you need me.”
“Thank you, good night.”
Before turning to leave, Trish sweeps her tongue across her fire engine red lips while attempting to draw attention to the fact that she was eyeing my crotch like it was a buffet, and she’s famished.
“Who in the fuck was that bitch?”
I weave Scarlett through the crowd, to the back room, the only quiet place in the house. She sinks into the seat next to me on the couch.
“That was Trish Murray, Stoker’s Cove’s answer to a desperate housewife and chronic news bag.”
“Her demeanor is as artificial as the rest of her.”
“Yep, you got that right. She hated my mom.”
“I noticed. She’s hungry for your assets. I can’t believe how uncouth some idiots can be. You haven’t digested the fact that your mother is gone, and the shank is looking to jump your bones,” Seeing my pained expression, Scarlett backpedals. “I’m sorry, Sebastian. That was highly insensitive of me. Now isn’t the time or place to lose my temper.”
“No need to apologize. Trish was out of line, but I don’t want to think about her. I’ve been dodging her advances since high school. I’ve got more important things on my plate.”
“I’m right here to support you. I know something about losing a parent. Especially one I adored. You have enough to wrap your head around, with this and your sister’s cryptic note, why don’t I handle the arrangements and what not?”
“Please, It’ll be appreciated. I can’t think right now. First my mother’s mysterious death and this note. I barely have the brain power to keep breathing.”
“Would you like to lie down and rest? I’ll handle everything here.”
“No, not now, cause I don’t think I can sleep. I want to decipher the note.”
“There is one good way to do that.”
Scarlett fishes my phone out my jeans pocket. Typically that simple gesture would turn me on to no end, but now I feel numb.
“Call Lynn.”
Five rings and I prepare to leave a frustrated message when I hear a clipped whisper.
“Bass, that you?”
“Who else would it be? Lynn, what the fuck is going on?”
“You got my note I see.”
“Yes, I did. What does it mean?”
The murmur of distant ship’s horn echo’s in the background. “Lynn, where the hell are you?”
“I’m somewhere where I can get the as far away from this rock as possible.”
“Jaysus, what did you do?”
“ I did something awful. It should’ve made me feel good, but it didn’t.”
“Fuck, Sis, you didn’t…”
“Shhh. Look, I’m in Admiral’s Beach waiting to catch the ferry.”
“You’re going to Nova Scotia?”
“Not sure, but it’s a start.”
“Stay put. I will be right there.”
Pinching the bridge of my nose, I try to will away the approaching migraine pounding behind my eyelids.
“Where is she?”
“She’s two town’s over getting ready to take the ferry to the mainland.”
“What for?”
I leap off the sofa and push the back door open. “I don’t have time to explain. I got to reach my sister before she disappears, and if you don’t mind, I like to go alone.”
“Of course. I’ll hold the fort here, but you call me the moment you get the chance.”
“I promise,” Pulling her lips to mine, I give Scarlett a deep, passionate kiss and let her serene, steadfast love wash over and tether me. It’s what I sorely need now. “I love you.”
“I love you. Be safe and give Lynn my love.”
“Well do.”
Driving the on the near vacant stretch of highway to the ferry terminal, I reflect on the last month’s events. My twin was betraying my trust by leaking Scarlett’s location to the madmen who wanted to murder her. Scarlett has forgiven her, but I can’t. If she did what I thought she did, I don’t think I ever will.

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